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If only Rembrandt had a Kumato: Bruschetta with Raspberry Balsamic Reduction

IF ONLY REMBRANDT had a Kumato, he might have painted this darkly luscious tomato on a recycled canvas, rolled it up like a scroll and tried to sell it to one of his patrons. They are grown in The Netherlands and the Mediterranean, so it’s possible he enjoyed them too. Perhaps it is one of […]

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Seed Seduction

Shopping for seeds is like shopping for shoes. You can’t just stop with one pair. There are styles and colors that tempt you for every occasion and you think you MUST have them all. It appears the same is true when it comes to garden seeds. Who can be satisfied with just an orange carrot […]

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Rooted in Color

Architecture and design aren’t restricted to the homes and offices in which we live and work. Color, texture, proportion and form all come into the design of a beautifully-plated dish. “Rooted in Color” was inspired by 303’s April Design Issue. The plate is the foundation; the main structure is a checkerboard pattern of red and […]

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Breakfast Erotica – for the “Morning After”

It’s the morning after Valentine’s Day. Roses are beautifully displayed on the counter. There are some leftover chocolates and port; and hopefully, some articles of clothing recklessly strewn about after an evening of love. Continue the passion with a breakfast of culinary aphrodisiacs. Some foods are simply erotic by nature, and the white asparagus is […]

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Serve Up Romance: Chocolate Truffles

Serve up romance with home-made chocolate truffles and a beautifully presented glass of port (red velvet underwear optional). Instead of purchasing store bought chocolates that are sometimes not even made out of chocolate, impress your significant other by making them yourself. Some of the so-called ‘truffles’ I’ve seen at the warehouse clubs, or even high-end […]

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