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Mark Woolcott Photography; Kitchen Design by Patricia BainterPatricia’s kitchens have been featured in Sunset Magazine (March, 2000) and on several home tours in California (twice for the Atherton Dames) and Colorado (Junior League of Denver’s “Kitchens that Cook”).

Her focus is on function. She believes that every kitchen should be designed with the ‘chef’ in mind, whether you cook for yourself, a family, or professionally.

Patricia approaches kitchen design from her restaurant experiences. She understands that efficient kitchens have designated work zones, storage and efficient traffic patterns so that cooking is less work, and more of the joy that it should be.

Kitchen Design from a chef's perspective

When you invest a significant amount of money into a kitchen design, you expect the final product to be a joy to cook and live in. Patricia can help you visualize that experience during the design process.

Patricia has helped clients from San Francisco, Seattle, Vail and Denver. She is able to work on projects without ever having met her clients in person. Today’s technology allows us to share all of the information we need using pdfs, jpgs, and emails.



Khristine H.
Hillsborough, CA
You may not remember me but you designed our kitchen in Hillsborough in 2000/2001. I LOVED my kitchen there and it functioned so well for cooking…. If you do long-distance consulting, let me know. I can email all the drawings to you, I really just need to give the cabinet builder direction as to size of drawers, location of drawers/doors and island appliance. I was looking at your designs from over 10 years ago and realizing how much technology has changed in the past 10 years, and hoping that we can work together through the internet!

This is great, I really, really like it.  I really appreciate your help- it was invaluable!

Jane and Mike H.
Observatory Park in Denver, CO
This has been fun working with you, and I have the sneaking suspicion that we’ll do more with you in the future. You’re professional, knowledgeable, and just plain good to work with. Thanks!

Janet and Henry P.
Country Club in Denver, CO
I LOVE the kitchen. It’s well laid out and a pleasure to work in. Everything just makes sense. So thanks again for your help in making that happen!

Trish and Bruce M.
San Jose, California
You are amazing!!!!! I’ve had time to digest everything and have to say I just love your work!!! The faux cabinets above the real cabinets, sink side, are just brilliant. And the bookcase too—I was wondering where I was going to put my cookbooks. Love that the space will allow me to open the door wider than 90 degrees. The drop zone is brilliant too. I can keep pet stuff in the upper cupboards—meds, other collars, etc. Maybe even their food bins in the lower cupboards. And the bumped out cabinetry in the bar would look awesome. Love it on the sink side too.

You are simply amazing! I can’t wait to rip out the old kitchen and get started!


Passage way with upper and lower cabinets. Remove the passage and create the cooking center.

Passage replaced with a floor-to-ceiling book case, narrow SubZero and then the cooking center




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