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Nougat and a White Christmas: A holiday flashback

Many of my best childhood memories were made in a small kitchen in Ohio, surrounded by my family at the oval-shaped country-kitchen table, making candy at Christmas. We would make fudge or ‘white divinity fudge’, which is egg whites cooked with sugar. Mom would boil the sugar (dangerous stuff), Sis would help, Joe and I […]

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Gourmet Marshmallows Made at Home

“Ohhhh, the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is sooooo delightful!”… And so are home-made marshmallows melting into a cup of super hot chocolate. Dip the tip of your nose in some meltingly sweet marshmallow cream on these cold Denver nights. Don’t bother ordering those spendy hand-crafted ones from overpriced specialty stores when you […]

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Mark Woolcott Photography and The Patrician Palette LLC, Patricia Bainter

Blackberry Liqueur: Mix it up

As a former pastry chef, I always have liqueurs on hand. When people see my shelves of bottles I assure them that “they are for baking purposes.”  Some people smirk a little with skepticism. The truth is I do not drink much, and these luscious liquids are reserved for flavoring chocolate truffles or sweet sauces […]

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Serve Up Romance: Chocolate Truffles

Serve up romance with home-made chocolate truffles and a beautifully presented glass of port (red velvet underwear optional). Instead of purchasing store bought chocolates that are sometimes not even made out of chocolate, impress your significant other by making them yourself. Some of the so-called ‘truffles’ I’ve seen at the warehouse clubs, or even high-end […]

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