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Serve Up Romance: Chocolate Truffles

Serve up romance with home-made chocolate truffles and a beautifully presented glass of port (red velvet underwear optional). Instead of purchasing store bought chocolates that are sometimes not even made out of chocolate, impress your significant other by making them yourself. Some of the so-called ‘truffles’ I’ve seen at the warehouse clubs, or even high-end […]

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Black Rice Pudding

How many purple foods can you name?  There aren’t very many, but here is a jewel: black rice.  This isn’t wild rice, but an actual rice similar in shape to Arborio except that it is a deep purple color.  It is extra dense in texture resulting in a wonderfully chewy experience.  Add coconut cream and […]

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Sweet Corn Cornbread

A favorite restaurant of mine has the most wonderful cornbread, but they wouldn’t share the recipe.  So I took it upon myself to try to recreate their mounding crispy crust that looks to me like it came from a cornmeal volcano.   The cake is moist and dotted with sweetcorn, pineapple, and chunks of fire […]

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Ginger Poached Pear

The silhouette of a bosc pear is sculptured art on the plate.  Poaching is an easy do-ahead technique with elegant results. The key to success for this recipe is being tidy in how you peel the exterior.  Trim away all skin, even the area around the stem.  For extra elegance, lightly scrape away the woody […]

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