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Mark Woolcott Photography and The Patrician Palette LLC, Patricia Bainter

Blackberry Liqueur: Mix it up

As a former pastry chef, I always have liqueurs on hand. When people see my shelves of bottles I assure them that “they are for baking purposes.”  Some people smirk a little with skepticism. The truth is I do not drink much, and these luscious liquids are reserved for flavoring chocolate truffles or sweet sauces […]

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If only Rembrandt had a Kumato: Bruschetta with Raspberry Balsamic Reduction

IF ONLY REMBRANDT had a Kumato, he might have painted this darkly luscious tomato on a recycled canvas, rolled it up like a scroll and tried to sell it to one of his patrons. They are grown in The Netherlands and the Mediterranean, so it’s possible he enjoyed them too. Perhaps it is one of […]

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Fºd by Degrees

Do you remember your teacher saying: “Read the instructions carefully before beginning your exam?” Well, I remember that. And I try to heed that advice when assembling complicated items like electronics and other computer-y kinds of things. But when it comes to recipes, I’m supposed to know what I’m doing. Today, I made an assumption, […]

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